Living Well from the inside out.


atalie Mirabelli represents NM Interiors, a boutique style curator of residential design projects, servicing Toronto and closely surrounding areas. Trained by the New York Institute of Art and Design, Natalie’s skill set and enthusiasm for her craft creates finished interiors that incorporate design principles with your very own unique personality. Client’s can feel comfortable that their distinct character will be reflected with every design through professional guidance and joint collaboration. Whether it’s a new construction home build or a one-room decoration overhaul, Natalie is personally invested & dedicated to your project.

It all begins with in-depth listening and continues with open communication as the design process continues to ensure successful completion. Process specifics are always tailored to best accommodate the needs of each individual client with the integrity of the finished result top of mind.

A background in marketing management of high end fashion luxury brands has influenced Natalie’s perspective. Her point of view expands globally, combining a broad range of different elements together to balance diversity and distinction. Natalie partners with industry leaders to create interiors that offer comprehensive living: reflecting homes that tell that story of who you are while functioning optimally for how you live.

Incorporating personal point of views into the design process is her mandate while offering professional service: All made possible with some careful planning and attention to detail along the way.